About Us

Nixon security services LTD offer complete security to the clients.
We want customer satisfaction, therefore, committed to offering all services that they need.

Our Promise

We promise to provide the following key services to our clients

  • We want to provide the clients highest possible standard of service to meet all security requirements.
  • We ensure to meet all the legal requirements for the security of the clients. We follow the security industry authority legislation and industry standards.
  • We have an authentic, robust, and effective recruitment policy. We follow it and provide a positive contribution to the clients as well as our organization.
  • We maintain a system to monitor our business aspects to identify the areas where there is a need for new technology and improvements.
  • Maintain a happy and positive working environment including the open the door policy where grievances or concerns are discussed with management to get the solution.
  • To cooperate fully with the local and police authorities to prevent crime wherever we work.
  • It is our key preference to perform in the best way so you can confidently avail our service.

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