Guard Services

Manned Guarding

NIXON SECURITY SERVICES Ltd believes that the success of any manned guarding service ultimately depends on the quality of the personnel who work for that company.

So Why Should You Choose NIXON SECURITY SERVICES Ltd Guard?

  • Nixon Security Services Ltd will provide a “Site Specific” uniformed security guard at your site based on a full-time contract.
  • A set of detailed assignment instructions will be formulated in conjunction with you, ensuring all aspects of patrolling and regular duties are identified.
  • Confirmation of all health/safety and risk elements will also be outlined and detailed.
  • All of Nixon Security Services Ltd officers report hourly to our fully automated central control-room, which is manned twenty four hours a day, 365 days of the Year
  • Our Service Manager will regularly visit your premises to ensure our Guarding duties are maintained to our very high standards.